Eahm2019 | Friday 13/09/19

28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers


Innovative Healthcare Strategies

6 themes - 6 hospitals - networking

7:00AM - 9:00AM

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7:30AM - 9AM

Networking moments

First floor: partner area

8AM - 10AM

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10AM - 1PM

AZ Groeninge Kortrijk

AZ Groeninge Kortrijk


Shuttle bus presentation by

Mrs. Inge Buyse, CEO

Theme chair:

Prof. Dr. Ir. Pascal Verdonck

MedTech Ghent University

Theme speakers:

Mr. Bart Vannieuwenhuyse

Data Sciences Lead Benelux Campus, Janssen Pharmaceutica

Big Data and its added value in clinical research

Mr. Yvon Merlière

Project Director DMP, Caisse Nationale de l'assurance maladie

Project DMP

Ms. Ann Costello

Global Franchise Lead Centralised Solutions, Roche Diagnostics International
Clinical decision support that helps in saving live

Mr. Bert Hoorne
Industry Technology Strategist
Az Groeninge: Applied AI in healthcare

Mr. Felix Wandel
EMEA Business Unit Leader of SPI, Johnson & Johnson, Medical Devices EMEA
CareAdvantage Experience Introduction

Theme workshops:

I  Pre-Surgical/Patient Engagement Experience (Care4Today)

I  Intraoperative standardization & digitalization (SPI)

I  Post-operative peer review and feedback (C-SATs)

10AM - 1PM

AZ Delta Roeselare

AZ Delta Roeselare


Shuttle bus presentation by

Mr. Johan Hellings, CEO

Theme chair:

Mr. Gerry O'Dwyer

CEO South-South West Hospitals Group, Past-president EAHM

Theme speakers:

Mr. Hans Crampe

Vice CEO AZ Delta - Scientific guest docent Lean Management

Value from lean in a Hospital

Mr. Dipak Duggal

Director Global Solutions & Marketing Dispensing Hospital International BE
Dr. Ana Herranz-Alonso
Director Assistant Hospital Pharmacy, Hospital General Universitario Gregorio Marañón
Improving patient safety and efficiency through an integrated medication management approach

Mr. Kristof Dupon

Chief Innovation Officer EEG Group
Smart Hospitals, when the infrastructure starts to speak

Hospital visit: guided tour of the new building
A part of the building is still under construction, please wear adapted, comfortable shoes and flat heels.

10AM - 1PM

Maria Middelares Ghent

AZ Maria Middelares Ghent


Shuttle bus presentation by

Mr. Christophe Mouton, CEO

Theme chair:

Prof. Dr. Mieczyslaw Pasowicz

EAHM Vice-president

Theme speakers:

Prof. Ir. Hendrik Lambert

Vice-president Clinical & regulatory GTX Medical, Lausanne

Impact of MedTech Innovations for hospital managers

Mr. Joao Seabra Pinto

President & Global Head of Enterprise Services,

Siemens Healthineers

How to embed technology & innovation in a long-term value partnership

Mr. John Deverill

Managing Principal, GE Healthcare Partners EMEA

Command center: Myth or reality for hospitals in Europe?

Hospital visit: Visit of innovation projects

10AM - 1PM

Delta Chirec Brussels

Delta Chirec Brussels


Shuttle bus presentation by

Dr. Philippe El Haddad, Directeur Médical Général

Theme chair:

Mr. Matthias Spielmann

CEO Wetzikon Hospital and GZO AG, Switzerland

Theme speakers:

Mrs. Marsha Fleischer

Risk Consultant GRB

Effective methods and value of clinical risk management in hospitals

Prof. Axel Hofmann

University of Zurich and Western Australia

Patient blood management: A disruption that is benefiting millions while saving billions

Mr. Melchor Wathelet
CEO Xperthis
A Roadmap towards data driven decision making

Mr. Cédric Arcos

Deputy Director General of the Region Île-de-France

The Region Île-de-France, motor of an innovative health ecosystem

Hospital visit: guided tour of the hospital

10AM - 1PM

UZA Antwerpen

UZA Antwerp


Shuttle bus presentation by:

Mr. Johnny Van der Straeten, CEO

Theme chair:

Dr. Doris Gillig

Vice-secretary general ADH, president SSC EAHM

Theme speakers:

Mr. Johnny Van der Straeten

CEO UZA Antwerpen

Hospital networks and governance models

Mrs. Sandra Unruhe

Management Assistant Ecclesia Group

Ethics and Healthcare - how to increase patient safety by professional insurance services

Mr. Holger Höhmann

CEO LVR-Clinik Langenfeld

Quality management and ethics

Hospital visit:
The delegates pay a visit to two hospital units of the Antwerp University Hospital, where they receive an introduction on their general organization with a specific focus on patient flows. The unit’s strategy is presented, highlighting its alignment with the overall organizational strategy. Then KPIs are introduced together with related improvement projects (PDCA methodology).

To finalize, the implementation of lean management is demonstrated through practical examples.

10AM - 1PM

AZ Zeno Knokke

AZ Zeno Knokke


Shuttle bus presentation by:

Mr. Frank Lescrauwaet, CEO

Theme chair:

Mr. Philippe Blua

EAHM President

Theme speakers:

Mr. Gunther De Graeve

Managing Director DESTRAVIS & CEO international Academy for Design & Health

A healing city starts with a healing care environment

Mr. Serge Lefevere

CEO Detoo Architects

Healing Architecture

Mr. Antoine Malone

Director of Research for the French Hospitals Federation

How integrated care impacts future health organisations

Hospital visit: Guided tour of the new hospital

1PM - 2PM

Shuttle service

From the 6 hospitals to the Meet & Greet Center

1:15PM - 2:30PM

Networking moments

First floor: partner area

2:30PM - 4PM

Academic Session


Prof. Dr. Ir. Pascal Verdonck

Chair of the Scientific Committee EAHM2019 congress

Keynote Speech 1:

Prof. Dr. Gregory Katz

Chair of Innovation & Value in Health, University of Paris Medical School, Director General, Consortium VBHC France

Valuing Health Outcomes: the Power of Transparancy

Keynote Speech 2:

Mr. Erik Van Den Eynden


What can a hospital manager learn from the transformation of ING?

4PM - 5:30 PM


Meet & Greet Center

Workshop 1:  How to prepare for the hospital of 2050?

7 experts sharing their knowledge on 7 concrete guidelines, action points that the hospital management can start immediately.
Supported by In4Care

Mr. Nico De Fauw, CEO In4Care 


Mr. Bart Collet, In4care


Mrs. Margot Cloet, Managing director Zorgnet-Icuro

Create a sense of urgency

Mr. Klaas Vandevyvere, CIO AZ West

Gather the right people

Mr. Jo Leysen, CEO AZ Turnhout

Create an environment that adopts innovation

Mrs. Stefanie Veraghert, Patient, Social Impact hacker & Founder The Big C

Building an irresistable vision

Mr. Jan Flament, CEO AZ Geel


Mr. Rudy Maertens, CEO AZ Alma & Chair In4care vzw

Do! And do together

Mr. Hans Constandt, CEO Ontoforce (Scale-up of the year) 

Don't stop innovating

Workshop 2: 
The reuse of electronic health records for Learning Health Systems

Chair: Prof. Dipak Kalra, President of The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data

Prof. Dipak Kalra, President of The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data
The importance of good EHRs for Learning Health Systems:  
Prof. Pascal Coorevits, Certification and Labelling Adviser, EuroRec Representative
Assessing the data quality of hospital EHRs 
Mr. Bart Vannieuwenhuyse, Data Sciences Lead Benelux Campus, Janssen Pharmaceutica
The value of Real World Evidence to Pharma 
Mr. Brecht Claerhout, Managing Director Europe TriNetX Inc.
A case study example of a successfully deployed clinical research platform that reuses EHR data to support research

Panel discussion: the business case for hospital investment in high quality EHR data
Moderator: Mr. Geert Thienpont, Director of the European Institute for Innovation through Health Data

There are many opportunities for hospitals and health care systems to learn from routinely collected health data. Dipak Kalra will open the session by explaining the Learning Health System concept, its global movement, and how better use of health data can deliver value to hospitals, healthcare systems and to patients. It is vital for hospitals to invest in, and actively learn from, their routinely collected EHR data to gain insights into how to optimise care pathways, to improve health outcomes and to prepare for the future where healthcare funders will reward and reimburse the delivery of value rather than simply performing healthcare activities.

Bart Vannieuwenhuyse will introduce the audience to the many ways in which the pharma industry is analysing routinely collected data from hospitals to improve the design of clinical trials, to assist hospitals with faster recruitment of the most suitable patients, exchanging data between EHR systems and clinical research systems. The big data landscape is becoming more and more important for clinical research, and Bart will present the work of IMI projects that are scaling up health data availability across Europe.

An important success factor for the reuse of hospital EHRs for research is the quality of the data. Pascal Coorevits will summarise state-of-the-art research in the dimensions of data quality that are most important for organisational learning and research, and the methods for assessing the quality of the data. A case study of a recent data quality assessment in heart failure undertaken at a hospital in Spain will be presented. Pascal will introduce the i~HD data quality service that is available to European hospitals.

This session will examine a practical example of a clinical research platform product that is being connected to many hospitals across Europe, and globally. Brecht Claerhout will demonstrate the InSite platform. He will describe its information flows and explain how it has been possible to design the platform and its connection to European hospitals in full compliance with the GDPR. The value of using such a platform for clinical research and for hospital quality improvement will be outlined, and flow into the panel discussion.

The session will close with a panel discussion, taking questions from the audience, on the business case for raising the level of investment in hospitals having high quality EHR data and reusing it for research.

Supported by i~HD

Workshop 3: Imec's view on digital health


Dr. Ir. Antoine D'HollanderVenture Acceleration Manager - Healthcare, Imec.istart
Ir. De Boer Sebastian, Business Development Manager, Imec
A New Wave of Digital Medecine

Prof. Roel Wuyts
, Team Lead ExaScience LifeLab & Professor at KULeuven
The Health Care Benefits of Tiny AI

Mr. Dries Hens
, CBDO Lynxcare
Big data 4 better outcomes

Mr. Lucas Sterckx, Postdoctoral research UGent
Machine learning on data from medical records and wearables to predict preterm birth risk.

Workshop 4: Challenges and roadmap for Mental Health

Chair: Mr. Paul Bomke, CEO Pfalzklinikum, Service Provider of Mental Health and Neurological Services

The EU Commission had already mentioned in 2017 that the future of psychiatric and psycho-social care lies in the expansion of community based services for mental Health. Traditional psychiatric hospitals are losing importance in this scenario. And the continued involvement of users in the development of psycho-social services is and will neglecting the importance of classic professional power and governance structures. Even if this develops differently in the member states, one challenge becomes crsytal-clear:

The psychiatric hospital must become a complex psycho-social provider, and has to learn to think "systemically" and see itself as an equal partner in the design of mental health services with other stake-holders.

In the workshop, using the example of the WHO care model, developmental lines will be shown and examples discussed how this transformation process can succeed. In addition to representatives from the psychiatric hospital landscape, representatives of European community psychiatry will contribute their experience.

Roadmap for mental health (I):
Mr. Paul Bomke, CEO Pfalzklinikum, Service Provider of Mental Health and Neurological Services
We shall redefine the role and the functions of our hospitals – the WHO and Public Health Approach

Roadmap for mental health (II):
Mr. Jochen Van den Steen, co-ordinator VZW IPSO Ghent
What community service providers need or wish from a psychiatric hospital: the Ghent approach

Roadmap for mental health (III):
Mr. Niels Aagaard Nielsen, Head of Care and Development, Mental Health Services, Capital Region, Denmark
Let us start the transformation process – a practical view

5:30PM - 6:15PM

Closing Ceremony

Meet & Greet Center

Keynote Speech:
Mr. Bob Delbecque
Summary of the three days of the 28th Congress of Hospital Managers

to the 29th Congress of Hospital Managers 2020 in Budapest by the Hungarian Delegation

Award Ceremony Abstracts
Mr. Philippe Blua

President EAHM

Closing words
Mr. Philippe Blua

President EAHM

Mr. Danny Havenith 
Chair of the 28th Congress of Hospital Managers 2019

2:00PM - 8:00PM

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From the Meet & Greet Center to Ghent city centre - continuous every 30 min.

From the Meet & Greet Center to Ghent Sint Pieters Station from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM - continuous every 30 min.

8:30PM - 1AM

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