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28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

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Delta Chirec Brussels

The CHIREC hospital group is based around three hospital sites: one site in Walloon Brabant, in Braine-l’Alleud – Waterloo (287 beds) and two sites in Brussels: Ste-Anne St-Remi in Anderlecht (327 beds), plus the brand-new Delta hospital (438 beds), which opened in December 2017.

Delta is the first new hospital to be built in the Brussels region for no less than forty years. So its opening was a major event. The new site has been designed to be hyper-functional for doctors and staff alike: flexible, with simple pathways and short distances, and planned to give both patients and staff the maximum comfort and light. Sitting at the leading edge of technology, Delta’s facilities include 28 entirely digital operating theatres, which offer the possibility of monitoring surgical operations live from any conference room in the world.

However, CHIREC has also been careful to retain neighbourhood bases, with two day hospital sites in Brussels (Cavell and Basilique) and three medical centres in Brussels (Parc Léopold, City Clinic CHIREC Louise, Europe-Lambermont) and one in Walloon Brabant (Jean Monnet).

The group provides treatment across all medical/surgical areas, except for heart surgery and interventional cardiology, but it owes its particular reputation to its ophthalmology, its Bariatric Surgery Centre, its musculoskeletal facility, its assisted fertilisation centre and the Chirec Cancer Institute. Its philosophy is to offer all its patients top-quality healthcare and personalised medicine in line with a coordinated multidisciplinary approach.