Eahm2019 | Gunther De Graeve - A healing city starts with a healing…

28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

Mr. De Graeve Gunther

DESTRAVIS / international Academy for Design & Health Managing Director / CEO

Healing architecture

A healing city starts with a healing care environment

Gunther De Graeve is an international health strategist with a reputation for delivering quality solutions for the complex issues facing health service providers.

Since Mr. Dilani’s retirement in 2017, Gunther has taken on the international role of CEO for IADH.

He is recognised as a thought-leader within the industry for his innovation in operational models and infrastructure solutions, his sustainable approach to planning and for his attention to detail; promoting and enabling flexibility and future trends.

Gunther is also Managing Director of Destravis, the specialist consulting firm he founded to bring expert advice to clients in the health, higher education and research industries. Destravis brings a cross fertilisation of expert skills through a diverse in-house capability including service planning, health planning, master planning, cost management, business cases, economic assessments and operational optimisation.

Gunther delivers advice to health service providers – both public and private – designers, and financiers and policy makers including Health Ministers and senior members of government.

Gunther is a proactive member of the health facility community, participating and speaking at international conferences and study tours. He values the translation of research and frequently engages in research studies which realise system improvements.

He actively promotes new achievements in the industry.