Eahm2019 | Sandra Unruhe - How to increase patient safety by…

28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

Mrs. Unruhe Sandra

Ecclesia Group Management Assistant

Health management, governance & ethics

How to increase patient safety by professional insurance services

Sandra Unruhe is Assistant to the Holding Management Board of the Ecclesia Group – one of the leading insurance brokers in Germany and Europe. The Ecclesia Group comprises a number of specialist brokers and consulting firms that provide special solutions for particular risks, such as those in the healthcare sector, an area in which the Ecclesia Group has held a leading position for many years.

Sandra Unruhe has been working for the Group for five years. She started her career in 2014 with a four-year dual program of study. After graduating in insurance management in 2018, she headed several projects for the Group. Currently, she is assistant to the executive management, where she performs a variety of administrative and organizational tasks including research and assistance in numerous fields for one of the three Holding Managing Directors.