Eahm2019 | Jochen Van den Steen - Roadmap for mental health: What…

28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

Van den Steen Jochen

VZW IPSO Ghent Coordinator

Roadmap for mental health: What community service providers need or wish from a psychiatric hospital: the Ghent approach

Jochen Van den Steen studied orthopedagogie and healthcare management. He started his professional career in Aanloophuis Poco Loco ( Ghent), a pioneer organisation in Belgium in creating a strength based, consumer run organisation together with people with psychiatric vulnerabilities.

After combining Aanloophuis Poco Loco with work in the Psychiatric Centre Ghent - Sleidinge Jochen Van den Steen became the coordinator of VZW IPSO in Ghent. VZW IPSO offers housing, work, education, training and leisure for people with psychosocial vulnerabilities.
Since 2017 Jochen Van den Steen is a member of the board and different committees in the network of mental health care het PAKT in the East of Flanders. On a European level he's a member of the social policy commission at Mental Health Europe.