Ghent lies at the intersection of the E17 and the E40 motorways and is therefore easily accessible by car or coach. With two railway stations in the city and the international ‘Brussels Airport’ at Zaventem less than an hour’s drive away, arrival by train or plane are certainly easy options. Ghent is therefore an ideal operating base for EAHM2019.


From Amsterdam, London, Paris and Cologne you can be in Flanders – the northern part of Belgium – in less than two hours. Ghent lies right in the midst of the other top destinations in Belgium.


Ghent is easy to reach by car. The rebellious city of art is just a 45-minute drive from Bruges and Brussels (both 53 km) and less than an hour from Antwerp (60 km).

Ghent is located on the intersection of two major European motorways: the E17 and the E40. From the E17 you take the ‘Gent Centrum’ turnoff. On the E40, from the motorway intersection in Zwijnaarde you first follow ‘Antwerp’ (E17) and then take the ‘Ghent Centre’ turnoff.


Choosing to fly in? Ghent does not have an airport of its own but is easy to reach from the two main airports in Belgium: Brussels Airport and Brussels South Charleroi Airport.

Ghent is only a 45 minutes’ drive away from the national airport of Belgium, Brussels Airport, in Zaventem. On the lowest level you will find the airport’s own railway station, Brussel-Nationaal-Luchthaven, accessible by lift and escalator from the arrivals hall. There are several connections to Ghent.

Brussels South Charleroi Airport is a 70 minutes’ drive away from Ghent. Nine times a day a shuttle bus travels between Charleroi Airport and Bruges via Ghent, making Ghent more accessible.

The other Belgian airports (Ostend, Antwerp and Liège) receive flights from various European cities and have easy direct connections to Ghent.


Ghent has two stations: Gent-Sint-Pieters and Gent-Dampoort.

At the main station, Gent-Sint-Pieters, you will find railway links to all the cities in Belgium. This city also has a direct line to Brussels International Airport. You can join the European high speed train network with a quick change at Brussel-Zuid or Lille, just over the border in France. A direct daily connection on the high-speed Thalys network will take you to Paris, and the Eurostar will take you to London.
A shuttle-service by EAHM2019 will be standby at Gent-Sint-Pieters station.

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