Eahm2019 | Health Managent, Governance & Ethics

28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers


Tomorrow’s hospital will necessarily be a smart building

The fourth topic (out of six) for the 28th EAHM congress is Health Management, Governance & Ethics: new technologies, new scientific approaches, patient centered care and cure. It will take place in one of the six hospitals which can be be visited: UZA in Antwerp.

The digital revolution will change the relationship between the care provider and the patient in a positive way. What are the advantages of the digital revolution for hospitals and society? What is the role of the doctor and other medical staff in a hospital? Is precision medicine the ultimate model?

Does every treatment have to be available and possible for every patient? What kind of involvement does the patient have? How can we accelerate that process in the interest of the patient? The importance of ethics will only increase.

For this theme, the chosen chairman is the French Dr. Doris Gillig. The three speakers selected for these two sessions are Prof. Johnny Vanderstraeten, CEO of UZA Antwerpen, Dr. Stefan Ziegler, COO of Ecclesia, Germany, and Dr. Holger Höhmann, CEO of LVR-Klinik Langenfeld.

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