Eahm2019 | Stefan Ziegler - Ethics Today

28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

Dr. Ziegler Stefan

Ecclesia Group Managing Director


Dr. Stefan Ziegler is member of the strategic Management Board of the Ecclesia Group – one of the leading insurance brokers in Germany and Europe. The Ecclesia Group comprises a number of specialist brokers and consulting firms that provide special solutions for particular risks, such as those in the healthcare sector, an area in which the Ecclesia Group has held a leading position for many years.

He was graduated in Economics and Management from the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg and holds an MBA degree from the University of West London/Henley Management College. In 2001, he earned his doctorate in philosophy from the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich.

From 1984 to 1993, he served as an officer (paratrooper) in the Federal Armed Forces, where he was promoted to the rank of Captain and Commander in the German Guard in Bonn. For the next ten years, he held various positions within the Gerling Insurance Group in Cologne, latterly as Director International Sales and Controlling. In 2003, he moved to the Diakonie Michaelshoven e.V (NPO) in Cologne, where he was a Member of the Executive Board until 2013, when Dr. Stefan Ziegler joined the Ecclesia Group.

Ethics and Healthcare – how to increase patient safety by professional insurance services

Aim of the lecture is to demonstrate

  • - …how closely Healthcare sector and the insurance industry are linked with regard to ethical principles and

  • - …how insurance services can help the Healthcare sector to gain a competitive edge with regard to patient safety.

Within the presentation, the following topics are focused:

  • - Clarification of basic terms (e.g. ethic and morals)

  • - Prominent examples of “moral scandals” and their impact on reputation as well as economic consequences

  • - Why are moral principles in the Healthcare sector and the insurances industry based on similar values?

  • - What is the role of the insurance industry in the world of risks?What might be the role of a broker, combining risk consulting, insurance procure- ment and contract management in a long-term client relationship?

  • - Executive summary: How can patient safety be increased by professional insurance services?