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28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

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Karl Neyrinck, CEO of the EEG group, has more than 20 years of experience in the group. He brings us up to speed with the latest developments in the group and how it is getting involved in the European hospital managers’ congress?

Originally, EEG was a Flemish firm, but over the past year, it has also established a presence in Wallonia, with the plan being to spread itself more and more widely across Wallonia. So this conference will give the group the opportunity to meet Walloon hospital managers as well as their Flemish counterparts, most of whom they already know.

Karl Neyrinck adds: “It was important for us to get actively involved in the EAHM congress because we are very much hospital specialists. That is in fact our main activity, so this conference delivers significant added value for our group. And we are not going to be doing it on our own, but with other partners who are equally involved on the European stage, such as, for instance, Unmatched, when it comes to technological communications; Schneider, who are active in energy management and automation; and Haelvoet, who specialise in hospital furniture and among their other activities design smart beds. These partners will also have a stand at the Meet District in Ghent.”

A tailor-made approach for hospitals

The message that EEG wants to send out to the hospital managers is this: “New technologies can improve your patient care and operational efficiency. EEG group and it’s partners deliver a personalised approach to evolve your environment to a Smart Hospital.

An array of novelties

The world is evolving at speed, and for EEG, there are just as many changes underway, as the group’s CEO puts it: “The point is that the congress will be the perfect opportunity to explain the developments in the ways in which buildings are used and operated, and to show how we are working increasingly with sensors which are applied in a functional way. We also offer new call systems which can operate wirelessly and can draw on the location within hospitals. When it comes to management systems, we are exploring the application of artificial intelligence, which enables maintenance costs to be reduced, and so on.”

He goes on: “These are just a few examples of the latest innovations which are already possible in hospitals, but are not yet very widely known about because their use is still in its infancy and they are still to some extent under development. At the congress, we will be unveiling them through various brochures, as well as through some very practical demonstrations.”

Innovating while driving down costs

It is not just for the sake of innovating that EEG has decided to focus on innovation: “We are eager to innovate by using new technologies (digital techniques, wireless techniques, improvements to communications techniques, and so on). We also plan to harness artificial intelligence to make our techniques smarter and thereby bring about savings on maintenance costs as well as running costs, which our clients will appreciate.

Karl Neyrinck also drives home the importance of coordination between the various installations in a hospital. Many general managers and even technical managers are still missing out on opportunities to work more effectively, because they are managing each installation in seperate silo’s. Yet by entrusting the running of multiple installations to a single firm, it is possible to work in a much more integrated way, and to achieve further savings.

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