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28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers



Xperthis is the IT partner of a hospital in its entirety, with all its complexity. Clientele includes more than 100 hospitals in Belgium and the Netherlands, and the company is increasingly present abroad. In 2018, turnover exceeded 34 million euros and it employs a staff of more than 200. We met the CEO, Melchior Wathelet.

“Xperthis is a member of the NRB Group. We are the subsidiary specialized in healthcare. We work in hospitals or for hospitals constantly to help them with their computer software. We accompany them in their digital transformation process in several fields, such as logistic and financial management, healthcare processes and patient administration”, Melchior Wathelet summarizes.

Hospital managers: the synthesis of the hospital

“So, having a chance to meet and discuss with a group of hospital managers is extremely interesting, particularly since at Xperthis, we want to stand out for our knowledge of the issues facing hospitals, concerning care, but not only care! Hospitals have become real businesses that must ensure profitability, with very large logistic and financial flows and many partners around the table. In their own way, hospital managers are the synthesis of what a hospital is and what its future will be. For that reason, ABDH is extremely important for us”, explains the CEO of Xperthis.

And he adds: “The fact that ABDH is a national organization is also important for us because we are present with our products in a very divergent way in the north and south of the country. We have certain products for which we are leaders in Flanders that we would like to develop a bit more in the south of the country. Conversely, we are leaders in Wallonia with other products that we always hope to promote in the north one day!”

Innovation: the key

Moreover, hospital managers can also help us orient our strategy. At Xperthis, we know we can offer high quality accompaniment to hospitals for innovation. There are always lots of good ideas -- the important thing is choosing the best ones.

Today’s example of innovation is the work done by Xperthis on low variability care. How can this aspect of low variability be included in the electronic patient record (EPR) to match the line of treatment with the follow-up of the patient’s administrative and financial situation? The idea is to reconcile two realities within the hospital by developing a synergy between the care aspect and the administrative aspect”, comments Melchior Wathelet.

A showcase for Belgium

The EAHM conference is an opportunity to show what Belgium does well. We know that Belgian healthcare is under strong pressure, but at the same time, there are many things we do in a positive way in Belgium, that we should be proud to put on display. And at the same time, this conference will also be an opportunity to see what interesting things are being done in neighbouring countries. Not everything can be transposed, but at times, meeting people who think of things in a totally different way can contribute to more effective thinking tomorrow. Finally, the idea of organizing a conference where we visit six different hospitals is also very innovating and interesting,” notes the Xperthis CEO.

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