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28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

Sham insurance riskmanagement relyens

Founded in 1927 by hospital directors, Sham is a mutual insurance company specialized in insurance and risk management for the healthcare industry: institutions, organizations and professionals, industries and cooperatives from the health, social and medico-social sectors.

Our goal is to manage the mutual insurance company with a long-term view, to obtain the level of profitability that guarantees the security of our commitments to our members.

With its significant experience in assessment, prevention, insurance and risk management, Sham demonstrates a solid knowledge of the sector, its challenges and interactions.

Sham’s mission is to help protect businesses in the health and medico-social sector by offering them comprehensive solutions—identification, assessment, prevention, coverage, management and compensation—necessary for optimal, ongoing risk management.

Sham built a European approach to medical risk : the mutual company is currently present in 4 European countries (France, Spain, Italy and Germany) in medical malpractice insurance and insures 11,000 members (about 6 000 health and medical-social establishment customers and 5 000 private individual customers). Sham has a historical leadership in France and is now also commanding a leading position in medical risk insurance in Spain and Northern Italy. Sham employs 460 people and generated revenue of €392.7 million in 2018.

Sham is the leading member of Relyens, leading European mutual group providing insurance and risk management services to the healthcare segment and local and regional authorities with public interest remits.

Relyens’ mission is to support its clients and stakeholders in managing their business risks, helping to consolidate the performance of their organizations and enhance the quality of the services they provide as part of their public service missions.

Relyens delivers comprehensive, tailored solutions encompassing the management, prevention and insurance (personal and property cover) of risk.

In 2018 Relyens collected €847 million in premiums and generated revenue of €456 million.


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