Eahm2019 | Innovation: the key in a high-risk sector!

28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

Thorsten Engelhardt Hg


About Ecclesia

The Ecclesia Group, founded in 1909, is one of the major insurance brokers in Europe, employing over 1,650 people and also focusing on extending its services into other countries, including Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy. This EAHM congress in September in Ghent is therefore a golden opportunity in terms of better identifying the expectations of potential clients in the hospital sector in Belgium and other European countries, and equally raising the group’s profile, as Thorsten Engelhardt, Head of Communication of the Ecclesia Group, explains. 

“The point is that the other European Union countries share the same needs in terms of insurance as Germany. One of the major challenges facing Ecclesia today is to obtain adequate and affordable liability insurance products, for example for medical malpractice. This is because these are markets which are undergoing a transformation, in a very difficult sector, with very high levels of losses. A small number of serious claims in just a few high-risk disciplines account for the majority of the insurance expenses. So the medical malpractice insurance market is a very high-risk business,” observes Thorsten Engelhardt.

Innovation in order to influence the market

Innovation, one of the major drivers behind the Belgian Association of Hospital Managers, is also a watchword for Ecclesia. “The point is that thanks to innovation, we are seeking to influence the insurance market in the hospital sector, so that we can deliver more benefits for all our clients. And that is exactly what innovative products enable us to do, although we are aware that this is a very high-risk sector. In addition, digitalisation creates countless new possibilities which can also be used for the benefit of all our clients”, reports the Head of Communication of the Ecclesia Group. 

At this congress, Ecclesia will be enjoying presenting some innovative efforts. “For example, we are planning presentations on the themes of patient safety and total cost of risk analysis. In addition, one of our members of the Executive Board will be delivering a presentation on ethical conduct in the insurance industry. And of course, this will be an opportunity for us to present and explain our broad range of services”, explains Thorsten Engelhardt.

A showcase and a meeting space

For Ecclesia, this new partnership with the Belgian Association of Hospital Directors is a genuine opportunity to reach out to the Belgian hospital sector. “Collaborating with the ABDH is really very important for us. We do appreciate the close contact with this association as a chance to experience trends and developments in the Belgian hospital landscape, as we are also a core partner of the European Association of Hospital Manager for years. This partnership allows us to deliver an appropriate response to our clients by offering them a whole raft of services which meet their needs. For us, it is really essential that we are able to identify the Belgian context for the future. So this international congress to be held in Ghent in September offers an extraordinary opportunity to strengthen our position in Belgium.”

“And of course, this European congress will also be an opportunity to meet hospital directors from every part of Europe and thus a chance to expand our network while being able to showcase our services and satisfy the specific demands and questions from the participants,” concludes Thorsten Engelhardt.

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