Eahm2019 | Healing Architecture

28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

Healing arch

The sixth theme of the 28th EAHM Congress will focus on 'Healing Architecture'. No co-incidence that this theme will be addressed in the AZ Zeno Knokke, a brand new hospital that was inaugurated last year.

No matter how healthy a person lives, everyone sometimes gets sick or has to be admitted to the hospital. With every intervention or treatment, the intention is to get the patient back to his or her comfortable home situation as quickly as possible. Even better is to work on preventive and predictive health care, from birth to the end of life. But how do hospitals bring about this health continuum? And what does that ultimately yield to the patient? No doubt, the job of care provides is different in the hospital of the future. The medical staff will have to develop new skills to get started with innovations. At the same time, there are many vacancies in health care. How will we implement them and will we use our human capital in the future?

Answers to these questions will be given by Serge Lefevere, CEO of Detoo Architects, Antoine Malone, Director of Research of the French Hospitals Federation, and Gunther De Graeve, Managing Director of Destravis and CEO of the International Academy for Design & Health. Philippe Blua, president of the EAHM will be your session chair and guide.

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