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28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers


The Ecclesia Group, with about 1,650 employees, is one of the leading insurance brokers in Germany and Europe. With its comprehensive range of services, the group primarily provides services to clients from the healthcare sector, the social profit sector, Churches, religious institutions as well as to clients of the industrial environment. The focus of our work is always to base our actions on customer benefit and to provide services that are not otherwise available on the market in this quality.

For decades, the Ecclesia Group has been a reliable and long-term partner to hospitals in all matters relating to insurance solutions. When it comes to covering their specific risks. 1,362 hospitals in Germany – from primary care hospitals to highly specialized university clinics – have placed their trust and confidence in the special expertise of the Ecclesia Group, combined with the strength of the largest insurance purchaser on the market.

We play a decisive role in developing insurance products for hospitals in Germany and Austria. For many years, we have succeeded in doing this by handling large and major claims in the medical sector. Each year, about 13,000 new claims are added to the Ecclesia database. These are analyzed and the findings are then reflected to the healthcare providers for loss prevention purposes and improvement of patient safety.

Since 1994, the Ecclesia subsidiary GRB Gesellschaft für Risiko-Beratung mbH has supported hospitals in Germany and Europe in the development and implementation of risk management systems.

Risk management is part of our services. Insurance management also forms part of our activities. Our experts develop insurance solutions that optimally fit the respective requirements. In the event of a loss, the employees of the claims department accompany the client during the settlement process.

Risk management, insurance management and claims management thus form a three-pillar system in which findings from each of the three spheres flow into the other. The result of this are innovative concepts that reflect the complex risk profiles of our clients. The insurance companies support these concepts.

The Group's range of services also includes the structuring of company pension schemes and sustainable asset management.

The origins of the Ecclesia Group date back to the year 1909. The company is headquartered in Detmold, North Rhine-Westphalia.

The group has a nationwide presence spanning among others Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Nuremberg. In addition, the Ecclesia Group is represented in seven other European countries and forms part of an international broker network.

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