Eahm2019 | Az Delta

28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers



AZ Delta, the biggest hospital in West Flanders, has 1417 beds, spread across 5 sites: three in Roeselare, one in Torhout and one in Menen. By the end of 2019, when the new phase of construction which is currently underway is scheduled to be finished, the institution will only have 4 sites, although the number of beds will still be the same.

The institution prides itself on being driven by values of friendliness, collegiality, positivity, respect and honesty. AZ Delta is a hospital which strives to set a benchmark in terms of quality, caring for any patient entitled, and talking to the patient and everyone involved in care-giving, while constantly developing and improving.

AZ Delta is particularly famed for orthopaedics and rehabilitation on the one hand, and cardiology on the other.

In its new building, smart architecture and logistics are two aspects which the hospital has prioritised in particular, because it regards them as crucial in ensuring that the hospital will continue to be at the top of its game going forward.

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