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28th Congress of the European Association for hospital managers

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The fifth of the six themes of the 28th EAHM Congress is Innovation & Technology that will be addressed in AZ Maria Middelares in Ghent.

Professor Mieczyslaw Pasowicz, Polish medical doctor practising in cardiology, radiology and internal medicine and chairman of this theme, tells us about innovation.

Why is innovation an important theme for hospital managers?

Innovations constitute the main cause of changes, provide the opportunity to improve effectiveness and deliver better treatment of patients. Technological and organizational innovations are challenges for today’s management teams and hospital directors. Technological innovations and new treatments increase opportunities for replacing less effective technologies and processes.

One of the most important parts of innovation is the digital revolution in healthcare. There are also challenges with regard to artificial intelligence, mobile devices, teleconsultations, teleradiology, telerehabilitation and personalized medicine. The important thing is to maintain ethical standards, while placing the patient centrally in the process and system.

How do you implement innovations in your hospital? Can you give some examples?

In the course of my 20 years of management expertise and as CEO of the John Paul II Hospital in Krakow, I was involved in several projects:

II Originator and head of the Center for Diagnosis, Prevention and Telemedicine with a department for One-Day Diagnostics at John Paul II Hospital in Krakow – the first Digital Hospital in Poland.

II I was responsible for the development of an innovative cardiology treatment which implements acute myocardial infarction treatment with stents in a 24-hour system in 1998.

II I introduced and implemented the first cardiac CT and MR cardio-radiology in Poland (non-invasive examination of coronary arteries using a multidirectional CT scanner) in 2000.

II I expanded the services offered by the cardiac surgery department in Poland and was involved in the implantation of the first seamless heart valve in the world in 2005.

Why is it so important for hospital managers to invest in innovation?

Hospitals should collaborate in the process of creating start-ups and spin-offs. They should also participate in projects concerning digitization and implementation of personalized medicine, which should be more attractive for patients’ health. The expansion and evolution of new technologies offers an opportunity to create products and services which were not previously available, or to which access was limited. Demographic and economic challenges, coupled with a shortage of doctors and medical staff, are motivating factors for implementing mobile technologies, telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. The next thing is to increase the effectiveness of hospitals. We should be spending less money for better treatment.

Are hospital managers already prepared for the future?

The new challenges and opportunities concern constant education and exchange of experience. Therefor, I would like to salute the initiative and the new concept of the EAHM 2019 congress. It will give us the opportunity to experience the INNOVATIVE HEALTHCARE STRATEGIES projects, which have already been developed and implemented by the Belgian Hospital Directors. I hope the forthcoming congress will be a great success.

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